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Please see the post Natham Temple at ECR Road

There is yet another ancient temple in the middle of river Palar on ECR road. The name of the moolavar is ‘Kanakambika udanurai Kailasanathar. The picture is attached.

This is apparently constructed during the 9th century AD by Niruthuga varma pallavan. There is archeological evidence to this effect. The unique thing is both temples are like twins, both having same mythology and sequels and now both temple needs attention and little bit of renovation.The one at Palar bed seems to get flooded during rains and so we have to make a bridge from the bank. Member V.S. Ravikumar had sent simulated 3D drawings and we’ll be visiting them soon and find out more similarities and history behind these temples.

Now, many from the same Seyyur Taluk have come forward to show us temples in similar fashion.
Good news is that the Natham Parameswari Mangalam temple has been well maintained after the initial cleaning done by us and the Vadapalani Uzhavarappani group.

Rotary Club of Central Adithya under presidentship of Mr.Karthik a leading builder and our REACH founder Mr.PNS, has adopted this village under their villages adoption scheme and now sanitation, schooling, huge temple tank cleaning, front mandap restoration and many other things to uplift the villagers is being undertaken. And that’s what REACH strives to do! Bringing in changes to the people around the heritage site, making the real Rural Education And Conservation of Heritage (for what REACH stands for!).The photos in order are: The Natham temple top view, Inauguration of the village wing of Rotary, the huge temple tank to be taken up for cleaning and the front mandap which would be restored soon. This adoption programme happened way back in March 2008 and we are sorry for the late reporting, as we were tied up with so many things.


Good Work my friends, this is the first time I am visiting this site. and came to know this foundation.


Thanks Lokanathan, thanks again for joining our yahoo group temple_cleaners too.
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Dear Sir,Where in the ECR route is this village and how to go from the main road to this temple. Kindly provide me the guidance and landmark to this temple so that I can visit the next time. Ny email id is holistic_learning@rocketmail.comThanking You

Dr. Ananthakrishnan