Pazhaverkadu Temple

Pazhaverkadu Temple – Reach Foundation: Conserve our Rich Heritage!!

None would have forgotten the Adinarayana perumal temple visit in 2006.

Now the message of REACH had reached this villages and the Rural Public are cleaning and maintaining the temples,but dilapidation is rapid. Unless we act fast, these two laterite stone built temples , 1) Adi Narayana perumal Temple and 2) Samaya Iswarar temple will soon collapse.

See pictures here.

The sad plight of the erstwhile Chola temple, the Chintamanieeswrar Temple in Sattankuppam, alias Koviladi island near Pazaverkadu or Pulicat is now not seen but a modern temple standing at the site, show casing how best a temple SHOULD NOT BE MADE! Acrylic paints, blunt shrines and colourful sign boards atop make the temple a mockery. Neglected a discarded inscriptions stones can be seen in the above photo album and REACH had already informed the State Museum to pick up those and keep safe in their custody, as the temple has no chance of fixing them back again in their original position!

Member Ashok had sent a photo album in pdf format and member Ragothaman had written on this temple heritage trip in his blog.

Good news is that 5 member team from Art of Living lead by Mr. Shriram and Ms. Raji Swaminthan joined us for this heritage trip. We hope the message will make an attempt to make the Hon’ble Shri Shri Ravi Shankarji to address his world wide audience and disciples at least now to adopt one heritage village each, for its ‘temple centric’ improvement and renaissance. Kumudam also published a story on these two temples and we hope now things will turn around and the fruit will be borne by both REACH and the villagers for renovating these shrines.

Ashok’s pdf photo compilation and the Kumudam story in vernacular language (Tamil) is filed in our yahoo group files section.

Mr. Ratan had sent new picture albums to be viewed here and here.

Mr. Ram Sundar alias Chandru shares his album here


your blog was very interesting.. as someone who loves visiting temples, i just cant help noticing how bad we are at maintaining our heritage, and it is refreshing to hear of guys like you who are trying to restore things to their former glory…. especially in these days, when, in the name of modernisation, we are only spoiling all that is left…. reading this blog reminded me of a recent visit to the navapashanam at devipattinam, where, till a few years back, the nine stones representing the navagrahas reposed happily in the sea, and where, now, a recent spate of ‘modernisation; has converted the whole place into a stagnant pond… i wrote a blog on it,… check it out…


Hi Anu,
Thanks for your comment. Pls do join hands with us to fight this menace and preserve our heritage. Join the temple_cleaners yahoo group.
Chandrasekaran J