Mathur – Reach Foundation: Conserve our Rich Heritage!!

Mathur, near Pullamangai alias pasupathi Kovil, next to Ayyampettai on the Tanjore- Kumbakonam Highway, really is a place where a huge forest ad-measuring some 100 acres, keeps beneath its covers a huge Vijayanagara period Vishnu temple under its green covers! Until the retired Headmaster of the Ayyampettai school, Mr. Selvaraj told us, we were not aware such a huge temple would be lost in time.

Dr Satyamurthy, Chandra and Sriram the REACH team ventured into the forest to find to our greatsurprise and immense sadness the state of this brick temple. Led by the enthusiastic Head Master Mr. Selvaraj and his student, we have no words to describe this temple. They claim it is a private land, and we wonder how it can be? wither the archeaology department or the HR&CE department should look into taking possession and REACH is ready to restore this temple, which is believed to buried under sands when the mighty Cauveri changed tracks and flooded the entire Mathur area some 200 years before!

May be after Cauveri, Headmaster Selvaraj, it is the REACH team which bothered to enter and see the temple in such state of affairs!

REACH P.R.O Chandrasekaran sent his photos for you all to see

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