Cheruvi, Sricity

Cheruvi-Sricity – Reach Foundation: Conserve our Rich Heritage!!

Sri City Developers who are owning a BIG S.E.Z site at outskrtis of tamilnadu border, on the Nellore Highway, at TADA, have a social responsibility team and their Chief Mr.Vishwanath invited REACH team to visit two ancient temples lying with their project site, in village Cheruvi for suggesting renovations.

We were happy to receive a warm welcome from the Sri City team as well as visit the site on October 9, 2010. Our PRO Chandrasekaran visited the site on behalf of REACH.

The temple tower is imposing and tall, but the maha mandapas, artha mandapas and sanctum sanctorum of the Vishnu temple there was in total dilapidated condition. Vegetation has grown over there and villagers claimed that the idols were shifted to some other temple, century ago! Except for the two dwarapalakas standing on either side of the Maha mandapa no sculptures were there! We were frantically checking for the signs for ascertaining the period of the temple, when to our joy found the boar, moon, sun and the sword symbol, which clearly states this to be aVijayanagara period temple, in one of the pillars!

Just close by, another Shiva temple, with the devi intact but the Shiva linga turned upside down was found and it is interesting to note that the builders, developers, Sri City owners themselves were keen on restoring these temples soon. A meeting with their M.D Shri.Reddygaru is awaited and after that we will keep you posted with the renovation/ restoration efforts soon!

Here is the slide show of the temples.