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Seyyur visit – Reach Foundation: Conserve our Rich Heritage!!

REACH Member Nandakumar Selvaraj was given a 11th hour distress call to go and document the whole of Seyyur (in ECR road) the next day, on 20th December 2009. Epigraphist Mr.S.Ramachandran, local Jamindar Mr. Ramkumar who had invited us to study the Seyyur shiva temple, Sthapathi Johnson who is doing the stone rework in Uttaramerur all went to Seyyur by decided time and schedule. God willing, there was a miraculous escape for the occupants of the car by which they were traveling and got escaped with mild injuries, but undeterred, they all proceeded to see the temple and document the temple, the sculptures and also the epigraphic details (inscriptions).
Nanda indeed took some great photos and we hope this temple will soon be renovated by REACH.

Nandakumar wrote in his earlier email:

While talking with Ramachandran Sir, our epigraphist from Reach foundation, during a trip to Seyyur in the weekend, he had mentioned about an inscription indicating a Chola Parikgrammam in the Seyyur village near Madhurantakam. He also mentioned Parikgrammam refers to a Military training academy, similar in lines of Officers Training academy at St. Thomas mount. I would have mentioned Kandalur Salai, but it is yet to be proven beyond doubt of it being a military or martial arts academy.

If anyone has any details of Parikgrammam @ Seyyur, please do post them.
I could also notice the similarity of Seyyur to that of Uttiramerur in terms of layout, organization of temples around the town/village. Siva temple here is also in ruins similar to that of Uttiramerur. Siva temple is referred to as Kailasamudiyanathar’s Rajendira Choleswaram. Inscriptions around the Sanctum sanctorum start from Raja raja (I or II?), Rajadhi raja, Kulotunga and Vikrama chola. As per Ramachandran sir, Temple itself would date to later Pallava period, due to the stylistic nature of the idols, while the inscriptions belong to the Chola period. Interesting thing to note
is that none of the inscriptions have the meykeerthi or birudas, but start with the “swastisri”, followed by the King’s name, year from coronation and the details of endowment.

Other interesting points:

♦ 3 endowments belonging to 4 generations of kings, have trustee with similar names. Kulothunga’s inscription is dated to    his 44th reignal year.

♦ Endowments are for 12 goats(3 inscriptions).

♦ Details of the poojas to be performed for various months are also noted, along with the mention of “Pazhangasu” meaning    “old coins”. References to Diravi type of coins are also noted.

Also Seyyur has a small but beautiful Vijayanagara built Murugan temple. This temple has been praised by Arunagiri nathar as Seyyur murugan pillai tamil. This information was given by Ramachandran sir.

Seyyur can be reached from ECR and is about 12 kms from the junction to Alambarai and 20+ kms from Sadras.
Members living near or old inhabitants from Seyyur can contribute, to this rebuilding cause.


Sir, Glad to hear you people are doing great job!!May i know list of other temples[8] you are involved?