Top priority in savings

Top priority in saving – Reach Foundation: Conserve our Rich Heritage!!
Dear All,
Even though thousands of temple are in south India, few are very rare in terms of size, antiquity, rare artifacts, sculptures and mythology behind it.

We give below few rare and beautiful temples which need HUGE donors and philanthropists to take up. Many may belong to the said village or town, and they can bring back their ancestral temple back to glory. Most of them lie in and around Kumbakonam and we think that one must have a permanent office at KUMBAKONAM to foresee renovation and have a technical team there planted at Kumbakonam if we really want to take up all these work in gusto. Any Kumbakonam residents may donate space for office to kick start these projects…

We prioritize in terms of magnitude of renovation work in that order, but in no way one is less important than the other, all need funds URGENTLY. Click on the temple’s name, you’ll be guided to the picasa photo album of the temple.

1. Thukkachi – Near Kuthanoor Saraswathi temple near Kumbakonam.
This is a 7 prahara mandapa temple with rare sculptures and the irony is the Swami is called Abadh Sahayeswarar (one who saves you from danger) but the temple of the Lord is itself in danger. Many hands have knocked the doors of ASI and state archeaology, we wonder why they do not take up such rare temple. A beautiful 6 feet tall Sarabeswarar (believed in modern days the one who will ward of court cases and legal problems to his devotee, myth has another story to say).  Pictures

2. Kamarasavalli
The name suggests the meaning Essence of Love. But do anyone today really love heritage? If that is so, how can they see this temple crumbling before their eyes and also build a bad gaudy cement vimana over the shrine to further damage the site Sculptures and icons, pillars are bound to be robbed off if care is not taken. Total re-estimation and renovation is a MUST  Pictures

3. Manambadi
This is a never- miss temple on the Chennai Kumbakonam Highway where in this village comes just before another historical place called Sholapuram. This comes on the left when you travel from Chennai before entering Kumbakonam. The highways department had crudely cut through the high way across the temple but thank GOd this Rajendra Chola temple (900 years old) with inscriptions first time mentioning the word TAMIL and some eloquntly carved goshta devatas are lying uncared.  Pictures

4. Poundareegapuram or Pundareengapuram, near Uppliappan Kovil, has some excellent goshta devathas, especially the Ardhanareeswara, Gajasamhara murthy and the breath taking Mahishasura Mardhini. Luckily the stones which have fallen apart are seen around and a full relaying of the weather coarse above the roof top needs a full re-lay up and pointing and grouting of the granite structure..  Pictures

5.Periamarai which has the rare white stone Shiva Linga.
Those who care for our heritage please spread the word and start working towards funding on each project specifically. REACH has IT exemption (80-G) for Indian donors and for NRIs who can donate through their Indian friends and relatives.  Pictures