Uttaramerur Temple Restoration

Structural restoration of Kailasanatha temple:
uttaramerur1Uttaramerur is an venerated village in Tamil Nadu. Its recorded history dates back to Pallava period (8th century AD). It is said that it was planned as per the rules laid down for town planning in the agamas. This is seen from the locations of the temple at their appropriate place.The hundreds of inscriptions copied from the place provide a history that was colourful, eventful and vibrant. Undoubtedly, the inscriptions extolling the system of selection of candidates to village boards was the most important all. More information about Uttaramerur and its heritage can be seen in our Uttaramerur Heritage Trip Article

The Kailasanatha temple of this place is as old as the more famous better preserved Sundaravarada Perumal temple. Like the later, this temple too was also built was built of bricks over a stone basement. The plan has circumambulatory passage around the sanctum.



Condition of the monument:
♦ Though built of bricks, the main sanctum and the superstructure are fairly intact.
♦ But the front mandapa built at a later time is completely fallen down due to rank growth of vegetation and negligence

♦ The brickwork over the circumambulatory passage has fallen down at places
♦ The masonry on the exterior of the superstructure to the temple is also damaged at places.

Methods of restoration
♦ The restoration will be done as per the norms laid down by the Archaeological Survey of India
♦ Comprehensive documentation including preparation of drawing and photographic documentation
♦ Dismantling and resetting of the mandapa as the original
♦ Removal of vegetation from the superstructure and re-stitching of brick masonry wherever necessary
♦ Strengthening of foundation, wherever necessary

Estimated cost of the project: Rs.40.00 lacs

A video on the Uttramerur Restoration Project can be seen here