Anoor Temples

Founder Dr.T.Satyamurthy, Epigraphist S. Ramachandran, Members S. Natarajan and PRO of REACH FOUNDATION J.Chandrasekaran visited after consulting with Mr.Devarajan the man spear heading the renovation at Anoor. The photos are loaded here.

Exciting were the reliefs of Ganesha and Jyestha Devi along with Gomukan and Agni Devi found on the temple walls, which proclaim the ancient nature of this temple. Near by is the ASI maintained Munkudumi Eswarar Temple which has also some elaborate sculptures and this ws also one of the temples renovated durting Dr. Satyamurthy, our founder’s tenure in ASI.

Estimation is ON and we expect to take this up after completion of Uttaramerur Kailasanathar Temple, which would be completed by August end.

Subsequent trip details by our epigraphist S. ramachandran and the news that appeared in THE HINDU


It is wonderful to see what REACH is trying to do with the activities. Good job.


Thanks Mr. Raghu for your wishes


Subsequent to our visit to the village, our member teacher Epigrapher S.
Ramachandran had visited the village to decipher all the available inscriptions
to the villagers, which has now again got a good coverage in FridayReview of THE
HINDU NEWSPAPER dated 17th July 2009, under the title ‘CULTURE’. But the
author had misquoted that Siva temple is under renovation, which is not so. Both
the Siva and Vishnu temple need renovation, which REACH is planning to under
take asap.
The article in THE HINDU is found here.