Member Profiles


Dr. T. Satyamurthy, the founder president of REACH FOUNDATION (Rural Education and Conservation of Heritage Foundation) had his education at Chidambaram and obtained his masters and doctoral degrees in Sanskrit from Annamalai University besides obtaining a PG Diploma in Archaeology from the Institute of Archaeology, Archaeological Survey of India. He served in the Archaeological Survey of India for 36 years in various capacities all over India till his retirement in 2006. During this span, he has published over 50 research articles in reputed journals and written five books on archaeology, art and numismatics.

His achievements in the field include:

♦ Researching the Indian monuments, particularly those in Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Karnataka, Orissa and Gujarat and conducted many excavations including the recent discovery of the ancient Murugan temple at Mamallapuram and the famous Adichanallur excavation confirming the Earliest settlement of mankind at par with the Harappan sites, first time in South India, done after Alexander Rhea in 1908.
♦ Preparation of conserving plan for hundreds of monuments and execution of the same.
♦ Preparation of management plan for the administration of World Heritage monuments like the Sun temple at Konark (3 years), Group of monuments at Mahabalipuram, the Great Living Chola temples at Tanjavur, Gangaikondacholapuram and Darasuram (6 years each)
♦ Taking successful efforts to include the Brihadisvara temple, Gangaikondacholapuram and Airavatesvara temple, Darasuram as the World Heritage Monuments.
♦ He founded REACH Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to the cause of preservation of heritage and educating the rural population about their heritage and serving as Consultant for HUDCO’s heritage projects. Restoration of Uttaramerur Kailasanathar temple, renovation of 100 pillared hall of Kanchi Varadaraja Perumal Temple and excavation and restoration of the ‘all brick made’ wonder of Veetrirunda Perumal Temple at Vepathur stands as testimony for his meticulous planning and execution as activities of REACH.

ravisamShri.Ravi Sam, the Chairman of A.A.S.A.I (The Academy Wing of R.E.A.C.H Foundation) is a leading Industrialist in Coimbatore and also a Philanthropist. He hails from an Industrial Family which was running more than ten textile mills during 60s and 70s. He owns M/s. Adwaith Lakshmi Industries Limited, Adwaith Textiles Limited, Titan Paints and Chemicals Limited – a group turnover of more than 75 crores.

He is the first son-in-law of Dr. D. Jayavarthanavelu, Chairman and Managing Director of M/s. Lakshmi Machine Works Limited, Coimbatore, and the country’s leading textile machinery manufacturer.

He is the Founder Trustee of Siruthuli, the movement for preservation of nature in Coimbatore which is a famed Public movement of the State.

He runs Sree Annapoorneswari Temple and a Veda Patasala which propagates Vedic culture and has a Gurukulam style Vedic teaching with around 30 students between the age group of 7-15. The Veda Patasala is unique where the students are also exposed to computers, spoken English and Maths.

He is an active Trustee of the Sruthi Seva Trust, Aanaikatti.

He is the founder trustee of Sri Gopal Naidu School and correspondent of G.N. Sam matriculation school, which caters to the local population.

He has personally renovated various temples throughout the country under South India Art and Heritage conservation Trust. To name a few: –

♦ Bangaru Kamatchi Amman temple, Tanjavur

♦ Sri Patteswarar Temple, Perur

♦ Arulmighu Renugambal Amman Temple, A.K.Padaiveedu

♦ Arulmighu Aathinathar Alwar thirukovil, Alwarthirunagari

♦ Sri Deepaprakasar – Vilakkoli Perumal Temple, Chinna Kanchipuram

♦ Sri Valvilraman temple, Thirupullambhootankudi, Kumbakonam



♦ Graduation in Architecture from College of Engineering Trivandrum
♦ Masters in Architecture (Conservation) from the School of Planning and Architecture, New Delhi
♦ Master of Arts in Conservation from the Institute of Advanced Architectural Studies University of York, (U.K)

Fellowship Awards

♦ Charles Wallace Trust (U.K) fellowship

Architectural & Conservation heritage Project consultant

♦ Thanjavur Palace Restoration

♦ David hall restoration

♦ Fort Kochi Heritage zone – architectural and urban conservation, Trivandrum Fort Area Conservation,

♦ Boat House Restoration,

♦ Padmanabhapuram Palace,

♦ Punalur suspension bridge,

♦ Tripunnithura heritage zone,

♦ CIT building – Hyderabad etc

Other particulars

♦ Member of the GSE team of the Rotary International to visit Germany, Paris and South America

♦ Co-ordinated three summer schools on heritage for training teachers and professionals both in Engineering Colleges and    in profession

♦ He has travelled extensively and delivered lectures both within and outside India

♦ He is a member of various professional bodies

♦ Expert committee member for Kerala State Art & Heritage Commission, Heritage legislation for Kerala State, National    Heritage Committee, IIA, Bombay, Member of Heritage Cell of State IIA, Kerala,

♦ Chairman, Kollam sub-centre,

♦ Co-convenor INTACH, Kollam chapter

Awards won:


Magazine National Commendation Award for conservation and revitalisation

♦ Rotary International Award

for Group Study Exchange programme to South America, Germany, Paris

sriramanAssistant Superintending Archaeologist,

Archaeological Survey of India,
Fort Museum, Chennai


MA Ancient History and Archaeology,Chennai
Post Graduate Diploma in Archaeology from School of Archaeology,
Archaeological Survey of India, New Delhi


Joined Archaeological Survey of India in 1987 and served in many capacities in the states of Karnataka, Tamil Nadu and Gujarat

Professional/Academic imprints

♦ Conducted several excavations at Banahalli, a protohostoric site in Karnataka, Gingee, a medieval site, Mahabalipuram, an    early historical site

♦ Explored several regions in Karnataka and Tamil Nadu leading to the discoveries of several important archaeological sites

♦ Reorganised the sites museum at Lothal, a Harappa Civilization site

♦ Reorganising the Fort Museum, Fort St George Chennai

♦ Conceived, Designed and Organised the Interpretation Centre at the Brihadisvara temple, Tanjavur

♦ Conceived, Co-ordinated the Documentation of Chola Murals at Brihadisvara temple at Tanjavur

♦ Conceived, Co-ordinated the Surface features at Kailasanatha temple, Kanchipuram

subbaramanSuperintending Archaeological Chemist, Archaeological Survey of India (Retd)

Ex-Director, INTACH Chitrakalaparishath Art Conservation Centre, Bangalore


M.A. (Chemistry) University of Madras (1953)

Higher training in Restoration of Works of Art in
Central Institute of Art Restoration, Rome

Conservation of Antiquities in the British Museum Research Laboratory, London


1954 – 1987 Chemistry Branch of Archaeological Survey of India

1966 -1975. Set up the Conservation Laboratory of Indian Museum, Calcutta
1993 to 2006 Director, INTACH-Chitrakalaparishath Art Conservation Centre, Bangalore

Conservation and Preservation Achievements in India

♦ Carried out and directed conservation of mural paintings of murals of Ajanta Brihadisvara Temple, Tanjavur, and Virupaksha Temple, Lepakshi

♦ Carried and directed conservation of stone monuments all over India

Conservation and Preservation Achievements in Abroad

♦ Headed the Conservation team of ASI to Bamiyan in Afghanistan in 1977,when the conservation project of the two gigantic Buddha statues was completed

♦ Headed the Chemical wing of the ASI team to Angkor Vat, Cambodia, in 1982 and prepared the project report for the chemical conservation

Special Conservation and Preservation Achievements – Separation of two layers of murals at Tanjavur

♦ At Tanjavur, devised and achieved the unique feat of successfully separating the Chola and Nayaka period paintings (the latter superimposed over the former) and preserving both, the former in situ and the latter mounted on fibre glass support. This work attracted International attention because it was the first and only time that rows layers of old paintings had been separated like this and on this scale, anywhere in the world.

Conservation and Preservation Achievements in Abroad (Post retirement)

♦ Consultancy work on the chemical conservation of the famous Simhachalam Temple, Andhra Pradesh

♦ Consultancy work on the chemical conservation of the carved marble Jain temples at Dilwara, Rajasthan

♦ Conservation of the stone idol of the main deity at the important pilgrim centre, Phandarpur in Maharashtra as well as the    conservation of the carved wooden mandapa in the same temple

♦ Conservation of mural paintings in the Chidambaram temple

♦ Conservation of mural paintings Varadaraja Perumal temple in Kancheepuram

♦ Conservation of mural paintings in Srirangam temple, Tanjavur palace and Ramnad palace ,Ramanathapuram (front hall)

Dr.B.Narasimhaiah is no longer with us, but he will be always remembered and he will guide us from God’s Abode


Superintending Archaeologist (Retd.),
Archaeological Survey of India

♦ Had education at Mysore and obtained my masters from Mysore University and doctoral degree in Archaeology from Pune    University besides obtaining a PG Diploma in Archaeology from the School of Archaeology, Archaeological Survey of India

♦ Served in the Archaeological Survey of India for 36 years in various capacities all over India till his retirement in 1996.    During this span, published over 8 research articles in reputed journals and written 3 books on archaeology, art and    numismatics.

♦ Excavated many sites including the World Heritage Site at Hampi and Mahabalipuram.

♦ Conserved and administered many monuments including the World Heritage Sites at Pattadakal, Hampi, Tanjavur,    Darasuram, Gangaikondacholapuram

♦ Lead the Indian conservation team for four seasons to Angkor Vat.

♦ Revised the Archaeological Survey of India official guidebook on Mahabalipuram and Hampi, both World Heritage Sites    and were published under the Word Heritage Series by Archaeological Survey of India