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The Tamil edition of The Sunday Indian – magazine run in 14 languages by Shri. Arindam Choudary, has brought out appropriately the 20 September 2010 – 3 October 2010 edition as a 1000th year of Big Temple special edition, devoting most of the pages including the cover page for celebrating the 1000th year of consecration of the tanjavur Rajarajeswaram alias the Big Temple or the Brahadeeswara Temple.Those who can read Tamil enjoy! Other please excuse.

The cover has a moon lit Big temple with snippets of article titles at the left hand top where Dr T Satyamurthy’s photo appears.

In page 13 – the Q&A session of our dear friend and photographer N. Thyagarajan who did the montage of the famous fresco paintings of Tanjavur temple for the ASI under the guidance of
Dr. T. Satyamurty, along with P.S.Sriraman appears;

Pages 26 to 46 are dedicated for publishing articles about the Big Temple;

in pages 35 to 37 Dr Satyamurthy elaborates how the temple withstood natural calamities and the technical aspects of the construction;

in pages 38 to 40 our epigraphy teacher S.Ramachandran solves with logic the titles conferred in various epigraphies on Raja Raja, especially the Kandalur Chalai Kalam Aruthu Aruzhiya…
In pages 42 and 43 our Dr Kudavoil Balasubramaniam spells the Dakshina Meru concept of the Big Temple and finally in
pages 44 and 45 describes in brief the beauty of the 1000 year old Fresco seco paintings of the great Chola.

I can feel th anxiety of the readers and here is the e-book of the Magazine given by the Sunday Indian on-line! Thanks a tonne for the publishers and courtesy/copyright of the article also lies with the Sunday Indian.

The Sunday Indian Magazine

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