Heritage Tourism




Every village of India has one or other heritage remains. And in all probability, the local people are generally ignorant about the historical significant of it. In many case, they are more aware of unfounded stories about them than the historical facts. Even the so called guides, mostly self-thought guides, the source of all unfounded stories about the heritage, is more effective in propagating them. Many of us don’t believe it. Still we accept them because there is no authentic information about the monuments available readily at the place.


Today the life in a metro is very mechanical. All of us yearn to go out on free times. Where to go? Often we want the outing to be productive also, so that our children will be informed about certain things that they may not come across very often?

There are numerous heritage remains are there but has not attracted the attention of a serious visitors, like the rock-shelters with paintings or a temple that may not be a popular centre of worship and the like.

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How best to tackle this problem? The Academy will focus on this problem by.

Identifying lesser known destinations and promoting them
Conducting trips to these sites under knowledgeable guides
Where the heritage remain attract visitors on their own, the Academy will conduct courses to the local youth and impart authentic information to them about the remains. So that they can act as guides and sustain them.
Such courses will be held at the site itself with experts visiting them and may be organised with the help of local organisations and sponsorship.
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